It Was Inevitable

Having recently finished my 11th Junior Billie Bag, it was inevitable that I would make a suite of accessories to go with it:

In clockwise order starting at the top, you can see a 4 x 4 fabric box (which I use as a threadcatcher), a quilter’s tool caddy (an embellished version of P3 Designs’ Travel Case pattern), a rotary cutter coat, and a scissors case. Directions for the rotary cutter coat and scissors case are on my Tutorials page.

It was also inevitable that Princess Cordelia aka Coco would photobomb my picture-taking efforts:

I shooed her off the ironing board so I could take a photo of the quilter’s tool caddy in its open position . . .

. . . and she returned to photobomb that as well. Notice the proprietary paw placed firmly on the tool caddy:

Here’s a better look at the threadcatcher:

I’ve devised a way to attach the binding that does not involve sewing!

This fall I’ll be teaching a class at Montavilla Sewing Center in Lake Oswego on how to make all four of these accessories. The class, called “Quilter’s Tote Accessories,” is intended as a companion to my Junior Billie Bag class but these accessories would be welcome additions to any quilter’s tote.

If you’re in the Portland metropolitan area and would like to treat yourself to some useful accessories or perhaps make gifts for your best quilting buddies, this may be the class for you. Thanks for stopping by!




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5 Responses to It Was Inevitable

  1. Carolyn Browning says:

    Beautiful, Dawn. I love seeing the things you make. Carolyn B

  2. Vickie Rooks says:

    Each of the accessories is wonderful on its own but the set is such a special addition to the tote.

    Nice to know your cat enjoys your finished projects!

  3. Sandy says:

    Those are so beautiful and how neat to have accessories to match the bag! You are amazing.

  4. Diane says:

    What a tease you are for leaving us all wondering how you attached the binding!

  5. Colleen C. says:

    Beautiful as always! I’m so glad that Coco is such a good addition to your family. It must have been meant to be :D.

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