The Bathroom Remodel Begins

When we remodeled the upstairs bathroom in 1985, I neglected to take “before” photos. Not this time around! I want to capture every moment in the bathroom’s transformation.

Here are some pictures of the bathroom before the crew arrived last week and emptied it of most of the fixtures.

nw corner
NW Corner


ne corner
NE Corner


se corner 2
SE Corner


sw corner
SW Corner


In the photo below, I am standing in the tub facing south.

looking south
Facing South


Do you want to see what the bathroom looks like now? Take a look! This is the northwest corner, where the shower will go:

nw corner, empty
NW corner, empty


This is the northeast corner, where the clawfoot tub will go:

ne corner, empty
NE Corner, Empty


The southeast corner:

se corner, empty
SE Corner, Empty

The windows you see above, installed in 2004, are just about the only things in the bathroom not being replaced.

The southwest corner:

sw corner, empty
SW Corner, Empty

See that lath and plaster? It’s original to the house — the bathroom walls were sheetrocked during the 1985 remodel. On the other side of the lath and plaster is a linen closet that’s going to get a fresh coat of paint.

There’s still a little demo left: the wallpaper has to come off and the remaining light fixtures removed. But things are rolling along. The clawfoot tub was delivered today, and the plumber arrives bright and early tomorrow morning.




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6 Responses to The Bathroom Remodel Begins

  1. Patty says:

    How exciting! We have done several remodels over the years on our 3 different homes…the last one – 11 years ago – involved 2 bathrooms and the kitchen – all at the same time! Yikes! While our family of 5 continued to “live” in the mess…but the results were wonderful! Have a great time…and I look forward to following the progress.

  2. Vickie says:

    You must be so excited! Enjoy!

  3. Lisa Kus says:

    This is all very exciting, Dawn!

  4. Nancy in Utah says:

    OH, I love seeing this type of remodel in the works, I do hope you’ll continue sharing the progress with us. It is going to be so beautiful when your finished! Happy Birthday House!!!

  5. Anne says:

    it is always amazing seeing the excellent work that was done way back when the house was built. Enjoy the remodel and look forward to your new bathroom! Happy 100th birthday Portland White House!

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