Bathroom Reno, Week 7

What a difference a week makes! The shower tiling is 99% done. Take a look:

Week 7, shower tiled

Here’s a close-up of the product niche:

Week 7, shower niche

I asked for a shelf inside the niche so that I could put soap on the bottom ledge and shampoo bottles on the shelf.

I’m sure you noticed the beautifully mitered corners. It’s enough to make a quilter’s heart sing! Did you also notice that the tiles on point at the back of the niche match the ones on the outer wall? Erik, the tile man, is a real craftsman.

Here’s a close-up of the bench, nice and symmetrical:

Week 7, shower bench

Notice how the tile wraps around the corner? You can also get a good look at the “droplet” tile accent and the dust cap, which go all the way around this side of the bathroom. A row of subway tile, the droplet accent, and the dust cap will also form the backsplash of the vanity, which will help tie the two sides of the bathroom together.

The half-wall that forms an alcove where the toilet goes will have the same quartz surface as the vanity top. Here’s the half-wall with its wood trim prep:

Week 7, looking toward ne

Here’s a look at the south wall, where the vanity, mirror, and sconces will go:

Week 7, south wall

Next up: grout and paint. I think the vanity may be installed in the coming week, too. As good as the bathroom looks now, it will look even better at the end of Week 8!




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4 Responses to Bathroom Reno, Week 7

  1. Wow, it’s really coming along. Looks beautiful. Love all the tile work!

  2. Lisa Kus says:

    Very exciting! It’s all in the details isn’t it! Just gorgeous! How will you ever get out of the bathroom will all those perfect details to make your heart sing?!

  3. Anne says:

    Very nice!! Light and excellent design!
    Can’t wait to see the complete project!

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