Bathroom Reno, Week 8

I was dazzled last week by the subway tile wainscoting and shower tile. The tilework is even more beautiful now that the grouting has been added. Take a look:

Week 8, shower tile grouted


Here’s a close-up of the product niche:

Week 8, shower tile with grout

The photo above really shows off the skill of Erik, the “tile guy,” in particular the way he aligned the tile at the back of the niche with the tile on the outer wall.

Here’s a shot of the tile wainscoting:

Week 8, tile wainscoting, grouted

In this photo you can see the “droplet” trim above the top row of subway tile. I was going for a classic look that will stand the test of time.

Erik actually grouted the floor tiles first but I neglected to take a photo when it was done. The next morning he covered every inch of the floor with paper to protect it while he grouted the walls, so I don’t have a photo to show you how wonderful it looks. All in good time.

Next came the painters, who covered all of the tilework as well as the windows and every other surface that is not going to be painted. An enormous amount of time goes into preparation for painting, and it looks like it will be midweek before all of the painting is done. I’m having the linen closet painted, too, and that required a lot of prep.

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All of the wood trim will be white. To find out what color I chose for the walls, please stop by next week!




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  1. Looking great, and I’m sorry I missed you at Quilt Market. I was there running around with Victoria Findlay Wolfe most of the day. She was really nice to show me around.

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