Rotary Cutter Case Giveaway

Rotary Cutter Cases
One of These Could Be Yours!


Would you like to win one of these rotary cutter coats? I’m hosting a Giveaway and will send one of these cases to three lucky winners. To enter all you need to do is add a comment at the bottom of this post answering one of two questions:

1) which case do you like the best and why (fabric? buttons? color combo? something else)?


2) how did you find out about my website/blog?

The Giveaway will remain open through this week. I’ll draw three names using a random number generator and announce the winners early next week. I will mail anywhere in the world so international readers are welcome to enter.

A tutorial for making one of these rotary cutter coats can be found here.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you so much for visiting First Light Designs!




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29 Responses to Rotary Cutter Case Giveaway

  1. Karen says:

    Love them all but the cherry fabric one is my fav

  2. Anna Schmidt says:

    I love the black and red best, although they are all really cute! What a clever idea!

  3. Cheryl Murray says:

    I love the idea of these little pouches and the black and white is my favourite because I love oriental type fabrics and the pop of bright green sets it off beautifully.

  4. Kate Gribskov says:

    I like the black & white one the best! I have made 11 B & W baby or child quilts, and am saving those fabrics to make a large one for myself. This fabric is striking – the hot lime green is the perfect binding color. I took a class from you in June. I need to take it again! Cheers!

  5. Margaret Miller (Maggie) says:

    1. the black and white with the green trim.
    2. a friend in Olympia, Wa. directed me to this site just a week or so ago.

  6. Annie Burdick says:

    I found your website when I did a search on the Reach for the Stars quilt. I am also making the quilt and was interested in seeing what others might be doing. I have enjoyed the process and am pleased with my quilt. I am now completing the pieced border.

    I like the black and white.

    • Dawn says:

      Annie, I would love to know what fabrics you are using on your Reach for the Stars quilt! Are you using the tan/black/cream palette like Terri Krysan’s original quilt or some other combination?

  7. I like the blue one best, guy color, and it would look great with my yellow rotary cutter. Been a follower of the blog so long I can’t remember where I first heard about it, but probably from Dawn. <3

  8. Mary says:

    Love the cherries but I would be happy with any one. Found your web site through the Pine Needle while searching for your sewing machine cover.

  9. pat says:

    I just love the color combination in the red bad black case with the green binding. I would be happy with any of them. I heard about your website from a friend and love looking at what you’re working on. Thanks for the tutorials that are great.

  10. Margaret says:

    I found your blog in a link from the Cupcakes and Daisies blog. I really enjoy keeping up with your blog and I love to study your photos. I like that you have a different take on quilting than a lot of other bloggers have. It’s obvious that you put a lot of time and consideration into planning your projects, and your projects don’t look like the cookie-cutter projects that I’m starting to see in other places.
    Your rotary cutter cases are all cute, but I think my favorite is the black, white and green one. Thanks for the giveaway and the tutorial!

  11. Glynette says:

    The cherry fabric is just adorable and the buttons are too cute!

  12. F Sue Waller says:

    The black and cherry with that shade of green, I’m tired of waiting let’s get busy.

  13. Kristi says:

    I love all three cutter holders but #1 is the black, white and lime green one. Love that color combination! (I found your blog after hearing you speak at our guild meeting – MPS).

  14. rebecca says:

    My favourite is the black with cherries, mainly because I just love black background with bright colours, plus coming into summer here in Australia I’m dreaming about all the yummy summer fruits.
    I found your website when I googled quilt labels. I have just finished my first quilt and the sewing ladies I have joined in with this year were telling me I had to label my quilt, so I came home and did a google search and voila found your site. So thanks for that tutorial as well.

  15. Diana W. says:

    I like the blue one since it is my favorite color. And cupcake sent me!

  16. Nancy W says:

    Oh I adore the B&W with line green trim! It’s so me! Color pop and fabric :). They are all lovely. My goodness I’ve been following you for a while. Honestly I can’t recall exactly how I found you (probably when looking to make a sew machine cover). However none the less I did! And that’s what matters I found you! Thank you for all the inspiration 🙂

  17. Janet Boundy says:

    I love the black and red one. It reminds me of my Mother-in-Law who used to love to go to Reno and No.Shore to gamble. She was such a great lady. When she won she would take her winnings to work and share it with her co-workers.

  18. Venita Davis says:

    Dawn, first I discovered you at The Pine Needle! The teal fabric with the zipper pulls makes me smile, especially with the straight pins on the lining fabric; and the black and white with pops of light green is a close runner up! They’re darling. Thanks for this generous idea..enjoy the day!

  19. Sue says:

    I love the black and white with that yummy lime green binding. I collect black and white prints.
    I am not sure how I found your blog but have been reading for awhile.

    [email protected]

  20. Sharon says:

    I love the black background with the bright colors, it’s a happy combination. I found you through All Quilted, LLC, The Blog.

  21. Hi Dawn. I like them all. And I get your blog because I know you from Lake Oswego.

  22. Hi Dawn! I would go for the blue one with the sewing pins and zippers. Very cute!
    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog. It was probably a link from an AYOS parade or one of the comments you had left for another blogger at one time a long time ago. I’m so glad to have it in my Favorites list and check in on you every day!

  23. Diane says:

    I think the cherry fabric is my favorite. Setting it off with green was quite brilliant. If I am disqualified from the drawing because I’m your twin, let me down gently!

  24. Jayne Emsden says:

    Love the colour, buttons and style of the black one, but love all 3.
    I found your name through Facebook

  25. What a great idea to make rotary cutter cases. I LOVE the cherry one the best without even having to pause and reflect…… Love the colors, so fresh and crisply bright, love the dotted lining, like little poppy seeds, love the buttons and the contrast of the binding against black. Colors just look so great against black, don’t they. Those Amish quilters knew what they were doing!
    I found your blog in the wonderfully serendipitous way that blogdom is known for. I meandered into Sew Kind of Wonderful, spotted your blog in the list, and decided that the name alone was worth a second look, or in my case, a first look. I love the fact that creative souls surround us….just a click away. Thanks for the fun give-a-way.

  26. TamG says:

    I love the B&W the best, just because I like those colors. But if I win one in the giveaway, any of them would be fine. They are all great, and a cute idea!

    I found your blog through the Around the World Blog Hop and I think I’ll quite enjoy reading more. 🙂

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