4-Patch Twist Bed Runner

I finished piecing the bed runner I started a couple of weeks ago. (I wrote about it here and here.) When last you saw it, it looked like this, measuring about 34½” x 68″:

Olivia Twist 1

The plan was to increase the length so it would drop over the sides of a queen-size bed. I had very little of the background fabric left, though. (It’s hard to see from the photo that the background fabric is an inky blue and black batik print. I had only a yard to begin with — and I used every bit of it.) I inserted a 1½”-wide decorative strip at each end, working with the two fabrics used as lattice strips around the 4-Patch Wonder blocks in the interior.

Now the bed runner looks like this:

Olivia Twist vert OS

The inserts and end pieces added 10″ to the length. I trimmed a bit from the sides so now the bed runner measures 32″ x 78″.

My quilt already has a name: Olivia Twist. (Yes, that’s a nod to Charles Dickens.) The reasons behind the name? First, the focus fabric is from a line called A Garden for Olivia by In the Beginning Fabrics. Second, the quilt is based on the twist block that produces the wonderful interlocking design you see above. The twist block dates back to 1870, which by coincidence is the very year Charles Dickens died.

Now it’s on to the backing for this quilt. I have a good-sized piece of the focus fabric on hand for the back. People always want to know that the fabric looked like before it was cut up!




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6 Responses to 4-Patch Twist Bed Runner

  1. Jo says:

    Dawn, your modification is inspired! I love the inset; it really frames the main design without distracting you from the overall pattern. Very pretty runner — thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Jo 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    So creative. I just love this pattern!!

  3. Diane says:

    Ooh! This is so nice. I wish the camera could pick up the midnight blue fabric but not to worry – I will see it next time I’m in Portland!

  4. Colleen says:

    I agree with Jo – your modification with the inserts at the ends is inspired! It is beautiful Dawn.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Nice! Clever name.

  6. Gretchen says:

    Nice job adding the inserts on the end! I like when people add an element to their quilts/runners to make it their own! Well done!

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