Friday Finishes

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s a lucky day for me as I have not one but two finishes to report. Minutes ago I finished sewing the label on Toile Story:

2015-2 Toile Story label

Over the last few days I hand stitched 343″ of binding. My stitches are about three to the inch, meaning I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 stitches to finish the binding. And I enjoyed every one.

Toile Story measures 76″ x 91″. I may have to take it somewhere outside my home to get flat pictures of the front and back. Look for photos in a future post.

My second finish is this quilt top, which now measures 56½” square:

2015-2 Cutting Corners w borders

Adding plain borders to float the blocks was a good call. There was one thing I had to do before I could call the top done, though. I was bothered by something in the upper right block.

In this photo look at the upper left corner of the floral square:

2015-2 block before QC

See that little white spot? It’s part of the floral design but to me it looked like a hole in the fabric. Quilter’s caulk to the rescue:

2015-2 QC

One of my quilt teachers told me about quilter’s caulk, otherwise known as Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent marking pens. You can’t use colored ink to fill a gap or seam, which is the definition of the verb “to caulk,” but you can use it to color correct a seam or some other part of an item made with fabric.

With just a touch of my aqua Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie I made that hole disappear:

2015-2 block after QC

To see how I’ve used Quilter’s Caulk on other projects, check out this previous post from 2012.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I hope you are doing something special with a loved one. My valentine is taking me to dinner at the historic Multnomah Falls Lodge in the Columbia Gorge. Lucky me!




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5 Responses to Friday Finishes

  1. Jeanne says:

    Happy Valentine’s!

  2. Charlotte Quiroz says:

    When I took Cash (my 8 year 0ld grandson) to Portland last summer on vacation, we hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls. Then, had lunch in the restaurant…they have really good Mac-N-Cheese.

  3. AnnMarie says:

    I never knew the term “quilter’s caulk”, but have used the procedure. As always, I admire your attention to detail!

  4. Diane says:

    Dawn, wouldn’t the white spot completely disappear by using a black marker?

    • Dawn says:

      Making the white spot aqua caused it to blend in with the rest of the block. I think using a black or dark blue marker would have had the same effect.

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