Toile Pillowcases, Take 3

This is the third and final pair of queen-size pillowcases made from a lovely toile fabric from Timeless Treasures that’s been in my stash for a few years:

The first two pair were made last year, the first pair as a gift and the second for my own home. I made these pillowcases last week as a hostess gift, planning to deliver them to my twin sister Diane when the Dear Husband and I make our annual Thanksgiving trip to Georgia in November. (Of course we will be taking every precaution while traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.)

I made the mistake of telling Diane about the pillowcases and she cajoled me into sending them in advance. I’m glad I did because she promptly put them on the pillows in the main floor guest room and sent me pictures. Here’s a close-up of the cases:

There’s something special about toile. I was really sorry to use up the last of that fabric. I actually searched for more on the Internet but came up empty-handed.

I did not make the accent pillow on the bed; Diane had it made at a specialty shop using fabric left over from the bedskirt. But I do spy four things in the photo above that are “me made”: the pillowcases, the quilt at the foot of the bed, the bedskirt, and — hard to see but look at the reflection in the mirror in the bathroom for a glimpse — the shower curtain, made in 2011 and embellished in 2012. You can read about that here.  (There’s one more thing I made that you can’t see in the photo: tailored valances. I wrote about that project in this post, also from 2012. By the way, the pillowcases were made using my photo-laden Perfect Pillowcases tutorial.)

The DH and I will be sleeping on these pillowcases soon! This year’s trip is a very special one as Diane and I will be celebrating an important birthday, one of those big ones ending in a zero. Here’s a hint: we will become septuagenarians.




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3 Responses to Toile Pillowcases, Take 3

  1. Diane says:

    When I am pining for you, Nubs, my favorite thing to do is wander through the rooms in our home and focus on the things you have made. Every single room in this house has at least one priceless creation made by you. Some have many more. The novelty of these treasures NEVER wears off!

    You are the very best.

  2. Dawn says:

    Aww, thank you, Nubs! I must confess it gives me pleasure to wander through your house and see things I have made. Some of those same fabrics are in my home dec scheme, too. Must be a twin thing. No wonder Charlie says he feels like he’s home when we’re visiting you and Ed. LOL!

  3. Colleen says:

    I am so happy you get to spend your special birthday with Diane. I was concerned you would have to miss your special November with her this year. Her guest room is gorgeous as I see your touch all around. Your work is always so beautiful and precise.

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