Bathroom Reno — Week 12: Finished!

Yes, after 12 weeks, the renovation of our upstairs bathroom is all but complete! Would you like to see? Let’s start in the doorway. The first thing you see is the quartz cap on the toilet alcove:

Week 12, quartz wall cap

I’m so glad we waited to find another remnant of the quartz (“Lattice” by Pental) to finish this half-wall instead of capping it with wood trim. Wood would have been very nice but this is much more elegant. To the left of the wall you can see part of the clawfoot tub. Here’s a look at the entire tub:

Week 12, clawfoot tub

I love the look of the vintage bath hardware, including the telephone-style shower head.

Now for the shower, in all its tiled and glassed-in beauty:

Week 12, shower


Moving counter-clockwise, here’s the five-panel door, which used to swing into the bathroom but now slides neatly into its wall pocket:

Week 12, pocket door

As you can see from the right side of the photo, I’ve already hung towels on the wall to the left of the shower. I chose a deep teal blue.

Am I saving the best for last? Maybe! Here is the mirror over the vanity, with the three sconces mounted in place:

Week 12, light fixtures and mirror 2

Another view from across the room:

Week 12, light fixtures and mirror

Even prettier with the lights on:

Week 12, light fixtures and mirror 2 (2)

And, for some drama, here’s a shot of two the sconces with the lights turned low:

Week 12, vanity lights on dimmer switch


Back where we started, here’s another shot of the toilet alcove and wall cap:

Week 12, toilet alcove with wall cap


And there you have it. Am I thrilled? Absolutely!

There is more to come, however. The plantation shutters I ordered for the windows are due to arrive by the end of June. I’m going to wait until they are in place before putting pictures on the walls. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for a long narrow console table, preferably vintage, to go in this space between the end of the tub and the half-wall . . .

Week 12, area for table

. . . and a bench to go in this little corner:

Week 12, area for bench


Once the bathroom is truly complete, which may take a few weeks, I’ll post some before-and-after photos. Until then, if you want to review the project from the outset, feel free to follow these links:

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12 Responses to Bathroom Reno — Week 12: Finished!

  1. Kudos, it looks fantastic!!

  2. Rebecca says:


  3. Lisa Kus says:

    Outstanding down to every last detail. So inviting! Well done, Dawn.

  4. Peg says:

    Wow! It is just beautiful! Wonderful choices. Love the floor, too.

  5. Sandy Eacker says:

    It’s magnificent! And now it’s done! I love it!

  6. AnnMarie says:

    Fabulous! It looks so wonderful and certainly worth the wait.

  7. Vickie says:


  8. Beautiful renovation! It inspires me to do something to mine as well. I know you will enjoy it every single day!

  9. Mindy says:

    Where did you get the tile floor? (name/color) I love it… the whole bathroom is beautiful. It is giving me the push that I need to start mine! 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      Glad you like it, Mindy! The ceramic tile floor is made by Century. The pattern is called Darwin and the colorway is Floreana. If you google “century darwin floreana tile,” you’ll get several images of it as well as names of distributors around the United States. I found my tile at Macadam Floor and Design in SW Portland.

  10. Trish Tunney says:

    That looks great! I want to change a swinging door into a pocket door as well. Did you do this work on your own? Do you have any tips?

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