Traveling in Style

luggage strapIn the not-too-distant future, my husband and I will be taking a little trip. I’ll be traveling in style, thanks to my good friends Peggy and Vickie R., who made me some terrific travel accessories for my birthday.

Knowing my favorite color is green, Peggy made a striped luggage strap using black and white prints to set off the greens. I can see myself at the airport now, waiting in Baggage Claim as dozens of nearly identical black bags roll off the conveyor belt onto the carousel. Won’t I be the envy of all when my bag comes into view?

And look at this matching lingerie bag:

lingerie bag 2It’s generously sized. When not traveling, I can use it as a tote bag to transport small quilts to my guild meetings for Show and Tell.

Vickie R., who also knows my favorite color, surprised me with this Sew Together Bag:

2016-02-05 15.29.19

When I opened up the bag, it was like cutting into a sweet juicy watermelon. Look at the lovely pink interior:

2016-02-05 15.24.25

And just look at all those compartments!

The Sew Together bag was designed for sewers and quilters. It’s the perfect size for stashing any number of sewing notions and quilting tools but it’s also well suited for makeup and toiletry items. How convenient to have all of those items corralled in one container.

I love my handmade gifts and can’t wait to use them on my next trip. Thank you, Peg and Vickie!




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6 Responses to Traveling in Style

  1. Diane says:

    Oh how wonderful these gifts are! Just right up your alley. I love the fabrics!!

  2. Vickie says:

    It is lovely to be traveling in style! I just downloaded a tutorial for luggage tags and will be giving them a try in the near future. Anything to help my bag stand out from the crowd. I really like the strap that Peg made, did she use a pattern?

  3. Colleen says:

    What a brilliant idea! That luggage strap WILL make you the envy of all those waiting at the luggage carousel. I hope that you have a lovely trip!

  4. Reigh Hays says:

    Very cha cha! Love the fabrics and multi-use pieces.

  5. Peg says:

    I’m so glad you liked the luggage strap and bag! The pattern was in last December’s “American Patchwork & Quilting”. The bag from Vickie R looks like great fun. Hope to see it in person soon.

  6. Sandy says:

    What nice friends you have!

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