RIP Elfie

I had no idea, when I took this photo in September, that we would be saying goodbye to Elfie so soon. She was 18, and we had her for 16 years, the longest we’ve had any cat. We had her put to sleep last night after a very short illness. At least she didn’t suffer long.

We got Elfie at the Oregon Humane Society when she was about two. She came with the name Monkey, which we promptly changed. All our cats are named after royalty — this is what happens when your husband is a retired history professor — so she was renamed Queen Elfgifu, Elfie for short. (In case you’re not up on your 10th century English history, Queen Elfgifu was married to King Eadwig — and yes, we once had a cat named Eadwig.)

Elfie wasn’t allowed on my quilts because she was a kneader. I was refolding quilts one day in September and when I turned around, there she was stretched out on the quilt pictured above, looking very content. I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photos before ushering her off the quilt.

She was the sweetest cat ever. The Portland White House won’t be the same without her.



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4 Responses to RIP Elfie

  1. Theresa Morgan says:

    My heart weights heavy for your loss…………
    I too have lost one in the past and it took along time to love again……
    But Coco showed up on our doorstep last fall….we brought her in on New Year’s day…..She is the love of our life……….
    I’m glad you did take the picture of Elfie in Sept.. to have…..
    You will be in my prayers……….God Bless………………………………

  2. Greg says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope that you have lots of great memories. I lost my two elderly cats on the same day 6 years ago. And just one week later I went to the shelter and adopted two new friends. And they’re both kneaders, too!

  3. Ian West says:

    I am sorry to hear of the passing of Elfgifu. But she was lucky to receive hospitality at the White House for so many years. My thoughts are with you, the survivors. Ian

  4. What a beautiful tabby! I had one very similar in markings and colors, but he too passed away just over 4 years ago. He was definitely “my” cat and a very good friend. I’m sorry for your loss, I know it hurts.

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