Kitchen Remodel: The Glass-Fronted Cabinet

When I showed you pictures of my newly remodeled kitchen last week, I mentioned there was something I wanted to do to the glass-fronted cabinet. Today I did it:

Do you see what I did? Here’s the before picture:

Yes! I covered the back of the cabinet! It needed something. The clear glassware didn’t show up well against the white walls and the spots of color from the dishes on the middle shelf didn’t add enough pizzazz.

I was originally planning to use a scrap of wallpaper left over from another room. It was the right shade of yellow but it was too formal for the kitchen:

My twin sister Diane suggested I use fabric. Of course! With medium-weight interfacing fused to the back, it would have just the right amount of body to attach to the back wall. I had what I thought was the perfect fabric in my stash but when I went to fetch it all I had were scraps. Fortunately, there was enough yardage of another tone-on-tone print to do the trick.

I cut the fused fabric and interfacing slightly oversize. After fusing them, I trimmed the sides with a rotary cutter to fit the back of the cabinet. Nice raw edges with no raveling, thanks to the interfacing. I applied double-sided tape to the back of the fabric at the top edge and pressed it into place with my fingers.

I figured the glass shelves would hold the sides in place, and they do. Along the bottom edge I glued a piece of braided trim, also from my stash, to provide a nice finished look:

Am I pleased with the outcome? You bet!




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13 Responses to Kitchen Remodel: The Glass-Fronted Cabinet

  1. Vickie Rooks says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a small touch can make a dramatic positive change? Fantastic job!

  2. Diane says:

    Spectacular! This adds such depth to the glam. Now, on to the long awaited valances to take this reno absolutely over the top.

  3. Glenna C Denman says:

    How clever of you. It is stunning!

  4. Anna says:

    Dawn, I love it! Such a great idea to use fabric, and not very surprising.
    Perfect for your kitchen….

  5. Nancy says:

    Perfect finish!

  6. gailss1 says:

    Such a great finish and what a difference it makes. I love how it changes the look and your dishes really are quite lovely to view now….great idea!

  7. Reigh Hays says:

    Looks great! The trim adds a nice finishing touch.

  8. Lisa says:

    Really love it! Especially the trim!

  9. Linda says:

    What a fantastic idea – it makes such a difference!

  10. Virginia says:


  11. Sandra Pruss says:

    Love it!! My cabinets are stained, but I might try this with a light color fabric to brighten it up

  12. Mia Tenille says:

    It’s so fun to add texture and color to open faced cabinets! I haven’t seen the style of adding color (or fabric) to the backside of the cabinets but I love it and I think it really adds some personality!

  13. Beautiful! The yellow really looks great with the bold blue of the bottom cabinet! I’m very impressed you created the look with fabric as well! Great job.

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